Dead Sea Mineral Foundation Selections - ultra matte

Natural Mineral Foundation Selections - matte

If you are trying Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup™ for the first time and are wondering which shade(s) to choose, here are some helpful simple tips to make the process easy.

Skin tones are often referred to as either warm or cool. Women who look best in beige or tan generally have skin tones considered as "warm," while women who look better in pure white hues have skin tones considered "cool."

Choose the shades closest to the color of the inside of your wrist and that appear next to your skin tone then pick the closest shade. Be aware that the versatile nature of Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup™ allows each shade to adapt to an array of skin colors, so that you look beautiful in several hues within your proper color range.

Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup™ offers the following shades for almost all skin tones.

See our collection of natural skin shades for foundation. See which row of skin color you belong then pick the closest number to your skin tone.

Note: Colors that appear on your monitor may not replicate the actual color of the mineral powder, due to variations in monitor resolution and settings. If you want to be sure, you can purchase sample sizes before you buy the full-size jars. If you don't find the right match for your skin tone feel free to email us your photo or like us on our Facebook Fan Page, for us to see your photos, then we will recommend the best shade for your skin tone.