Auto – Replenish Program

Never Run out of your cosmetic supply. Never pay for rush shipping on makeup. Get free cosmetic products.

Regular shipments of premium beauty supplies are just a few key-strokes away! By signing up with our “Auto-replenish program” you can set up a schedule that allows your favorite cosmetic items to be shipped directly to you in 30, 60, or 90 day increments. That means no more realizing you are out of foundation the morning before a big meeting or running to a drug store late in the evening to replenish your mascara or lip color supply.

Even better, you can change or cancel your auto-replenish preferences at any time before new makeup items ship, assuring you will only receive the cosmetic items you need when you need them.

Set it and forget it. Time is precious. Save some time and never be without the cosmetic products you love. All of the makeup products on our site are now available to be auto-shipped right to your doorstep, saving you time and money and giving you the assurance that you will never go without your favorite cosmetic products again. You will enjoy the ease and flexibility of our auto-ship program, and can go online anytime to make changes when you are running low on product or you find that your choices are arriving more than you really need them! Want to try a new product or shade? No worries… log in and make changes in no time. It’s a great way to add some simplicity to your life and assure that you never forget to pamper yourself a bit as well!

As a special offer, you will also receive a $2.00 of credit/voucher for every month you stay on Auto-replenish, you will also receive special gifts and discounts announcement of new products before they become available to the public. Enjoy the V.I.P. pampering that you truly deserve.

Click here to Sign up for Auto-replenish today and select a personal renewal frequency and payment method.

Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup Company Launches All Natural Dead Sea Mineral Makeup Offering Free Samples

Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup, the beauty products manufacturer known for its 100% all-natural ingredients, is treating beauty enthusiast customers to must-have free samples of the newest, hottest craze in all-natural makeup revolution: Dead Sea Mineral Makeup.

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