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Beautiful Women and Beauty Experts Rely on Dead Sea Mineral Makeup for Safety

Women out there and beauty experts can now be assured of their safety with the Dead Sea Mineral Makeup that will be released soon. This beauty product is made by Beauty Secrets Makeup assuring that the said beauty product is indeed safe for those who will use it. The Dead Sea Mineral Makeup is sure to be absolutely safe of anyon, as it does not contain fillers like bismuth oxychloride, talc and others that can irritate the skin of those who will use. It is proven effective, as it is made of Dead Sea minerals and other gluten-free ingredients that allow it to naturally blend and mimic one’s skin tone.

The Dead Sea Mineral Makeup is also made of natural pigments that enable it to create different shades to match anyone’s skin. Dead Sea Mineral Makeup can also address dry skin problems, as it can moisturize any type of skin.

“We have eliminated all harmful fillers, additives and preservatives that are known to harm sensitive skin and simply filtered it down to the purest and most natural ingredients that we can use. By eliminating all those artificial additives, we are allowing only the purest natural ingredients to perform their wonders in beautifying your skin. These gentle powders are light on skin but provide excellent coverage with long lasting staying power.  It is the purest powder to ever touch your skin”, Jennifer Tolentino, Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup Managing Director said.

The Dead Sea Mineral Makeup can also address problems related to skin moisture since it is made of all natural foundation called humectants that can keep the skin moist and nice. This beauty product can also control the oil glands from excreting too much oil, keeping the skin matte and fresh-looking.

The Dead Sea Mineral Makeup is made with absolute safety in mind, as its different shades are not made of harmful dyes. This beauty product is available in the market through free samples, but it can be pre-ordered at a price of $49 or more.

With the safety formulation of Dead Sea Mineral Makeup, it is expected to establish a strong customer base in the next coming months.

Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup was founded in 2011 to provide consumers not only with pure natural gluten free ingredients, but also a product that is 100% animal cruelty-free and vegan. The company is one of the first to incorporate Dead Sea minerals into their products. Currently, they offer free samples as well as wholesale pricing and free shipping for orders of $49 or more. Use coupon code: 03SAMPLES12

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